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Sky Climber has a wide Range of Suspension Solutions for Roofs with no Permanently Installed Rigging Devices.

Suspension Systems For Temporary Installations

Rolling Roof Rigging
RRR and all its accessories save you time and money. The Rigging Collar, Corner Adapter and Beam Connecting Tube will easily incorporate into your current inventory. No upgrades, changes or rework required. Obtain 8-foot outreach with a 1250 lbs capacity hoist. Telescoping mast enables you to raise the beam up over a 5 foot parapet wall. Strong back assembly also available in 24 ft rolling roof rig systems.

Pigeon Hold Stands
Used to safely suspend scaffolding through existing holes in concrete or structure.

Tank Top Rollers
Used for rigging storage or petroleum tanks with rigid tops.

Parapet Clamps
The Sky Climber Parapet Roof clamps are adjustable to fit most standard parapet walls. Detailed attention should be given to the roof/parapet structure to ensure strength and integrity.

Header Beam Assembly
Used in conjunction with scaffold frames to elevate outrigger beams.

Beam Saddle
For flat positioning of beam on roof, parapet or other flat surface; used with beams.