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SKYMASTER - Sky Stage Platform

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SKYMASTER is a mast anchor system that incorporates the use of standard Sky Climber platforms or work cages, with standard Sky Climber Hoist. No top side rigging is used on SKYMASTER. Horizontal lifelines are used eliminating separate tie-off points top side.

SKYMASTER is lighter than traditional mast climbing systems and is easily portable in the bed of a pick-up truck. This ease of mobility means an immediate savings in transportation cost and lower erection and dismantle expenses.

The system was originally developed for restoration contractiors that needed suspended access without topside rigging. Almost immediately, new applications for this versatile equipment came to light. Tank painters began using the SKYMASTER for "silo type" and "floating top" tanks, The wall tie brackets can be welded or epoxied to the tank for future repainting, making the E&D a breeze. The system incorporates a horizontal lifeline, and therefore no topside attachment is required at all. The workers simply attach their lanyards directly to the horizontal line, stack the mast sections, and climb the tank. When the tank section has been stripped and painted, then the workers simply land the stage, disconnect, move one mast and base, reconnect, and start the process again.

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